5 Small Changes That Help Kids Get Better On The Court

If you are a basketball coach, you already know that training your players is continuous process. Your aim is to help the players get better at every aspect of the game. This means there is always room for improvement. The good players can become great and great players should aim for excellence. It is your job to bring out the best in your players all the time. To do this, you need to be creative and innovative. Below are five small changes that help kids get better on the court.

Improve Mentality

A positive mental attitude is the key to success on the court. You should make the players believe in themselves and in their ability to win games. Once you have instilled the right attitude in your players, they will go ahead and deliver the goods.

You are the coach but you are not just a teacher dishing out basketball concepts. You are also motivator and an inspiration to your players. Give them pep talks, focus on the positive side of things and create a can-do spirit in the team. Your players should never quit no matter what they see on the score board. Confidence and appositive attitude are infectious. If your players believe they can do the job, they will get the job done.

Get Physical

Now, this one is a no-brainer. Basketball is a contact sport and players need both physical strength and stamina to play the game. As a coach, you can change the game if you train your players to play a more physical brand of basketball. You can begin this move by giving your players endurance training exercises. If your players can run faster and for longer periods, they will perform better on the court. In addition, your forwards and point guards need physical strength to perform. Give them extra bodybuilding sessions and you will notice great changes in offense and defense.

When the clock is ticking and time is running out, you need players that will go the extra mile for the team. The difference between success and failure may be that crucial block or that timely dash. You need players that will make that fast break and get you crucial points when you need them most. These things are only possible if your players have the physicality and the stamina to go the extra mile.

In the closing stages of the game, every drop of fuel counts. For this reason, it makes sense to wear compression shorts during training and in games. These shorts increase the flow of oxygen to the legs and enhance the flow of blood through the muscles. If your players wear these shorts during games, you will notice great results.

Become a Spark Plug

Some coaches are strong advocates of division of labor. Every player should know and carry out his duties. This is straight from the book but sometimes, you have to think outside the box. Young basketball players are simply bubbling with energy. You should take advantage of this and train each player to become a spark plug. Train your players to get busy and work for the benefit of the team. Your players should be ready to play in every position and help out the team anytime there is a threat from the other team. This is called total basketball and it works like a charm.

When your players attack, they should rush forward and outplay the other team. When they defend, they should do so as a team. Your players should chase every ball, harass the shooter and make it impossible for the other team to get easy layups. Total basketball will win you matches 99% of the time so go for it.

Mastering Fundamentals

Coaching youth basketball is basically about mastering fundamentals and practicing basketball drills. Train your players to master the fundamentals in small installments. Remember that repetition leads to perfection and put this across to your players. Give your players group games often and while they are playing you should take notes. After the game, point out your observations and insist on basketball drills to improve performance. Your players should practice crossovers and free throws until they have a winning formula.

Encourage Selfless Play

Selfish players (no matter how gifted they may be) are not good for the success of the team. Encourage your players to play for the greater good of the team. The shooter should pass the ball to a player in a better position and forwards should track to defend if the opposing team is threatening a fast break.

Final Word

Coaching youth basketball is a great experience. You are a teacher, a mentor and a motivator. Above all, you want your players to get better all the time. Use the tips above and you will notice great results.

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