Use These Post Drills to Win on the Inside

Every coach knows that success begins at practice. However, it can be difficult to keep your post drills fresh… and if your post drills aren’t fresh, then your play on the court won’t be either. Keeping things interesting in youth basketball coaching is half of the battle in keeping your team focused, successful… and still having fun in the process.

If your practices are turning into snoozefests, try these 7 post drills to help you win on the inside and keep your team excited about coming to practice.

1. Above Your Head Drill

You will want to start this drill from the right or the left of the hoop about one foot away from the backboard. Use the same hand as the side that you are standing on to take a shot off of the backboard and then, snag the rebound – always keeping the ball above your head. Move on to do the same thing with the other hand keeping a right to left or left to right motion, not a left, left, right, right motion. A good goal is to ring 50 consecutive baskets. If you miss a shot, start over and try again!

Skills Gained:

> Improving the accuracy of close shots

> Rebounding

2. Conquering the Board

This drill is a little off the beaten path which will make it a refreshing drill to add to your practice lineup. Start out by throwing the ball against the glass. Then, jump to catch the rebound and do it over and over again. Most coaches run this drill until their team is tired, or you can start a line to create an ongoing competition to make things a little less monotonous.

Skills Gained:

> Rebounding

3. Jackrabbit Drill

This drill is great for strengthening a player’s weaker hand. The player will start by standing to the right or the left of the basket and then throw the ball off the backboard. As the ball comes down, jump up and grab it. Complete a lay up and then complete another one on the other side. During this drill, make sure that players are making use of their weak hand.

Skills Gained:

> Better jumping layouts

4. Bunny Hops

This drill will be ran without bending your knees. Keeping your knees locked, jump up off the ground only about an inch. Remember, don’t bend your knees at all. Run this drill for about two minutes. If you work this variation into your basketball drills over two months, you will begin to see a difference.

Skills gained:

> Jumping

> Stamina

5. Cooks Drill

This drill is quite unique and your team will enjoy it. Start out by having someone hold something soft beneath the basket. This could be a punching bag or a hefty bean bag. You can start on either side of the court with the ball. Next, drive towards the goal and then jump into the defender so that you come into contact to score a layup. The main goal is to shield the defender from blocking your shot, drawing the foul. You may wish to create lines to make this drill move along swiftly, fitting in a lot of practice into one short window of time.

Skills Gained:

> Aids in more points scored per game

6. The Lisa Leslie Drill

This drill is pretty straight forward. Simply stand at the right of the basket and complete a layup using your right hand. Move to the left side of the basket and complete a layup using your left hand. Keep moving side to side until you tire out.

Skills Gained:

> Creating comfort using both hands during layups

7. Hook Shot Challenge

This drill is a little challenging but that is part of what makes it fun to run. Start out 3 or 4 feet out from the right side of the basket. Complete a right handed hook shot. Then, move to the left and do a left handed hook shot. To move on, you have to make both shots. Once you master this, start out on the right, this time doing a left handed hook shot. Next, move to the left and complete a right handed hook shot.

Skills Gained:

> Building confidence

> Better hook shots

While it may seem like there aren’t that many basketball drills that you can run without repeating them to death at practice, there are plenty of variations on post drills, and even other drills, that can make them a lot more fun, less monotonous and a ton more beneficial to your team.

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